Cuckolding 56 Extended Version


THE SADISTIC SEXY SHOW PART 1 – LET´S KICK THE PIG: HEY! WATCH THIS, GIRLS: WELCOME TO OUR NEW SADISTIC SEXY-SHOW „LET´S KICK THE PIG!!!“ THIS MUSCULAR, BEAUTIFUL, SUPER HOT SEXY-STUD WILL BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF SHITFACE! COME ON GIRLS LEAN BACK AND ENJOY THE FUN! THIS SHOW IS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU TO SATISFY YOUR SADSISTIC PLEASURES. MASTER HUMILIATOR IS AN IMAGE OF PURE SUPERIOR MASCULINITY in this clip. First HE makes shitface beg on its knees to pay HIM the hard earned money it has slaved by cleaning toilets last month. Then HE let the wimp beg for a good beating. Finally THE MASTER shows mercy and starts with an excellent beating. With mighty blows THE HUMILIATOR is turning that sad pathetic weakling into a heap of dirt. WOW! THIS BEAUTIFUL SUPERHOT ALPHA-BULLY LOOKS SOOO ABSOLUTELY AWSOME AS HE SLAPS THAT CRYING WIMP AROUND! OFCOURSE I HAD TO SHARE THIS GREAT FUN WITH YOU, GIRLS AND RECORD THIS FANTASTIC SCENES WITH MY CAMCORDER FOR YOUR PLEASURES. Can you imagine this, girls? THIS SADISTIC SUPER HOTTIE used to beat up shitface several times per day. WOW! That´s sooo great! I had taken a photo from the result of the last sound beating so all of you can deeply enjoy the pic at the end of this clip. Believe ME, MASTER HUMILIATOR looks so incredibly hot in this clip as HE humiliates the crap out of that beaten wimp that you will soak your couch in less than a minute! WOW! SHIT, THAT´S HOT! THIS BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, SEXY STUD turns every SWEET INNOCENT FLOWER PRINCESS into a SUPER SADISTIC QUEEN OF MEAN! I for one graduated from an catholic elite high school with honors just three years ago. Today I´M GODDESS GLORIA and enjoy the most sadistic pleasures in HIS sublime presence. Life is absolutely perfect for me. On a final note I have some words of advice for you girls: Between woman and woman cover your seat with some sheets. Watching this clip will cause a lot of wet stains…

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Cuckolding 56 Extended Version

  • Product Code: Cuckolding 56 Extended Version
Length: Minute
  • 11.90€

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